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Huayhuash Trekking

Huayhuash Trekking

Huayhuash Trekking: This trekking is considered by many to be the best alpine trek in the world. there is found the Siula Mountain where did film "Touching the Void". It has stunning views, scenary and lagoons.
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Huayhuash Trekking

Day 01: Huaraz – Chiquian – Llamac 3300m.

We will start the travel at 8:00am. Approximately to the south side for Huaraz. Passing for the different district like; Recuay, Ticapampa, Catac and Conococha at 4100m. Then will travel to the east side and south East to Chiquian at 3400m. Where you can to buy something, the travel take 2 hours then we have to down for about 1 hour and the go up until Llamac for about 1 hour more a long this travel we will observe the Mountains on the east side such as Ninashanca, Jirichanca, Yerupaja, etc. Arrive to Llamac around 2:00pm where we will have a lunch, overnight camping at 3300m. 

Day 02: Llamac – Pocpa – Cuartelhuain 4300m.

After the breakfast in the Llamac we will start the hike at 8:00am we will go up for about 4 – 5 hours to the camp side Cuartelhuain, along this route we will passing the small called Pocpa. Later we will arrive a small Pallca mine, arriving to the camp side around 2:30pm approximately. From here we will see the Ninashanca Mountain in the south side. Overnight camping at 4300m.

Day 03: Cuartelhuain – Cacanan Pass 4700m – Mitucocha.

This day after the breakfast we will start our trek at 8:00am from Cuartelhuain the Cacanan pass at 4700m we will climb enjoy the nice views our around such as Chaupijanca and cunchush after this pass we will go down for about 2 hours half to the camp site from Mitucocha where we can enjoy the nice view of Ninashanca, Jarishinca and Rondoy mountains, overnight camping at 4200m.

Day 04: Mitucocha – Carhuac Pass 4500m – Carhuacocha.

This day after the breakfast we will start our trekking at 8:00am to the south est go up for about 2 – 3 hours to Carhuac pass at (4500m) where we can enjoy the nice Jirishanca mount in the south site then will be go to down for about I hour half to Carhuacocha lake, Jirishanca, Yerupaja and Siula in the west site, overnight camping at 4250m.

Day 05: Carhuacocha – Siula Pass 4850m – Huayhuash.

After the breakfast in the morning we will start our trekking at 8:00am we will go down for about 30 minutes near the Carhuacocha lake for about 4 hours after visit this lake we will continue go up to Siula pass (4850m) for about 2 hours where we can see mountains such as: Jirishanca, Yerupaja, Siula and Carnicero. After this we will do down to Huayhuash for about 2 hours half where we can see trapecio mount in the west side. Overnight camping at 4300m.

Day 06: Huayhuash – Portachuelo Pass 4700m – Viconga.

After the breakfast in Huayhuash we will to start at 08:00am, after 1 hour climb up will be arriving to Portachuelo pass at 4700m. Where we will enjoy the splendid views of Trapecio, Cuyoc and other mounts, after that we will start to descend to Viconga for about 4 hours approximately, lunch during the hike, after the client can go to the thermal waters of Jatuncocha, overnight Camping at (4100m).

Day 07: Viconga – Punta Cuyoc Pass 4900m – Huanacpatay.

After the breakfast in Viconga we will start climb up to Cuyoc pass at 4900m the highest pass of the circuit, from here we can see the nice peaks of Puscanturpa, Cuyoc and Pumarinri glaciers. After to enjoy us will start descend to Huanacpatay for about 3 hours approximately, where we will enjoy the sunset of Cuyoc Mount, overnight camping at 4250m.

Day 08: Huanacpatay – Huayllapa – Huatiac 4400m.

After the breakfast in the morning in Huanacpatay we will start go down to Huayllapa for about 4 – 5 hours, this village is at 3400m, after to visit this village we will start climbing up to Huatiac for about 3 hours more, where we can enjoy the nice views of Diablo Mudo overnight camping at (4400m).

Day 09: Huatiac – Yaucha Pass 4800m – Jahuacocha

After the breakfast in the morning, Camp we will start walk up to Tapush Pass 4750m for about 3 hours, where we will enjoy view of Diablo Mudo mount, after that we going up to Yaucha Pass at 4800m for about 2 hours half, where we can see the nice mountains in the East side such as: Jirishanca, Ninashanca, Yerupaja and others; after that we continue going up to Jahuacocha for about 2 hours more, Overnight Camping at 4100m.

Day 10: Jahuacocha – Llamac – Huaraz

After the breakfast in Jahuacocha we will start hike for about 1 hour, then we will start going up to Pampallamac Pass 4300m for about 1 hour half, where we can enjoy the splendid views of nice mounts such as: Yerupaja, Ninashanca, Siula and Diablo Mudo, then we go down to Llamac for about 1 hour half, where our private transfer will be waiting for us to transfer to Huaraz. 3 hours travel from Llamac to Huaraz.

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