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Cedros Alpamayo Trekking

Cedros Alpamayo Trekking

Cedros Alpamayo Trekking: This circuit is one of the most beautiful treks in the Cordillera Blanca, where the main attraction is the view of the Alpamayo , considered the most beautiful mountain in the world
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Cedros Alpamayo Trekking

Day 1: Huaraz – Llanganuco – Vaqueria – Tuctu 4200m

We will aboard the Bus to go along the Callejón de Huaylas in the north side of Huaraz. Passing different traditional Andean towns, first arriving and making the first stop in Carhuas 2650m, then we will continue with our travel to the next ancient town of Yungay, this city was buried by an Avalanche that fell down from Huascarán Mountain in 1970, the New Yungay 2500m, from here we have to start going up to the Llanganuco Valley, where we will find the Huascaran National Park entrance to the Llanganuco Valley we will register there, then we will find the two lakes of Llanganuco (Chinancocha and Orconcocha), then we will continue going up to Portachuelo Pass 4750m, where we will have a stop to take pictures the splendid views of different peaks like Huascarán, Chopicalqui, Pisco, Huandoys, and others, after that we will start go down to Vaqueria for about 1 hour 20 minutes approximately, where our donkey driver and donkeys will be waiting for us, here will be starting our trekking, from here we will climb up to Tuctu for about 5 hours approximately. Arriving our first camp around 3 or 4:00pm. Overnight at 4200m. 

Day 2: Tuctu – Pucajirca Pass 4640m – Quisuar

Today, we will start walk up to get the Pucaraju pass 4640m. We will get there at around 11am, and then go down zigzag path nice landscape surrounded by highlands straw and many trees. We will get the Huegroncocha Lake to have Lunch in the nice spot. Then after few minutes walking dawn we will get small village called Quisuar, where we will camp in the left side at 3900m.

Day 3: Quisuar – Tupa tupa Pass 4400m– Jancapampa

We will start our hiking going up moderate path, enjoying field of sheep, we will get the Tupatupa pass 4400m, easily, then we will go down by the base of the Pucajirca Mountain and then we will arrive to the next camp place of Jancapampa 3600m, overnight camping.

Day 4: Jancapampa – Remate Pass 4600m– Huillca

We will start climbing up early to get the pass on time, Remate pass 4600m, as always we will be surprised by nice different landscapes, after the pass we will go down to the next camp place called Huillca overnight Camping at 4000m.

Day 5: Huillca – Mesapata Pass 4460m – Tayapampa

Moderate walking first 2 hours to get the Mesapata pass at 4460m. Then we will walk flat area to the water stream in Moyobamba valley to have lunch, and then we will continue to the base of the caracara pass where we will camp at 4500m.

Day 6: Tayapampa – Caracara Pass 4800m – Jancarurish – Ruinapampa

After breakfast in Tayapampa we will start climb up to Caracara pass 4800m for about 1 hour half, where we will enjoy the nice views of Alpamayo, Quitaraju Mount, from here we will start go down to Jancarurish for about 1 hour half, arriving here we will have lunch, after that we will continue to Ruinapampa, along this valley we can see the west face of Alpamayo, after go down 2 hours will be arriving to Ruinapampa where we will appreciate the inka – Terrazes, overnight Camping over 4025m.

Day 7: Ruinapampa – Jatunvientona Pass 4750m– Osoruri

After breakfast in Ruinapampa we will start climb up on zigzags until Jatunvientona pass 4750m for about 4 hours, where we will enjoy the nice views of Santa Cruz and Milluaraju mount, after that we will go down to Osoruri for about 40 minutes, will be arriving around 1:00pm for lunch, free afternoon to take pictures, diner and overnight at 4560m.

Day 8: Osoruri – Cullicocha Pass 4850m – Calamina

After breakfast we will walk up for about one hour to get the Jatunvientona pass 4860m, then we will go down a few meters down and we will be surprised by a nice spot, a beautiful blue lake of Cullicocha in the base of Santa Cruz massif, we will get offshore the lake to have lunch. Then after rest in the lunch time we will continue going down to the camp place of Calamina, from this camp place we will appreciate nice sunset over the Black Mountain in front us. Overnight at 3650m. Camping

Day 9: Calamina – Hualcayan – Huaraz

Today our last hiking day, we will arrive first to the small village of Hualcayan where we will find very basic shop, and National Park entrance control, to check out, then after few minutes walking we will have lunch. We will continue to Huaraz, arriving at 3 or 4 pm. Aproximately and transfer to the hotel – Huaraz.

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